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Security Guarding

Security Guarding

At Dominance Guardian Services we strive to uphold professionalism as a primary objective in all our services. With a dedicated management team working around the clock, our Security Officers and Site Supervisors ensure that our clients receive the highest level of security service at an affordable cost. The safety of your assets is our number one priority.

We at Dominance know that no matter what your concerns or requirements are, our fully licensed guards are ready to meet the challenges to ensure that you have peace of mind. We ensure that we select the right guard to meet all of your requirements and that a risk assessment is conducted to ensure that your assests, safety and security are met to the highest standard. We take our role with due diligence and care, with in-house training programs by accredited trainers, proficient supervisors and management and comprehensive procedures in place to provide our clients with exceptional service and results.

We expect to deliver premium service at affordable rates to ensure you are totally satisfied.

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