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Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

It is estimated that retailers in Australia lose $2.4 billion a year in shop theft and 7.3 million people have been prosecuted for shop stealing. If the figures are accurate then it can be safely assumed that 1 in 10 customers have the potential to shoplift if the circumstances allow. If retailers add in other factors that are adverse to growth to the retail industry, such as online shopping, penalty rates, associated business running costs and the high price for the Australian dollar, it's figures like these that can tip a retailer to close their doors for good! 

A way to help minimise loss from your business is to use a cost effective way to reduce an issue that is constantly on the rise! That is to use covert Loss Prevention Officers to help stop you and your business being a victim. Dominance Guardian Services specialised covert Loss Prevention Officers are highly trained and specialised security personnel that are very effective in minimising the loss of goods through criminal activity such as theft.

The role of the Dominance Guardian Services Loss Prevention Officer is to detect, apprehend and deal with shop lifters. Dominance's plain clothes Loss Prevention Officers are highly professional, highly trained and highly sort after by some of Australia's largest retailers. For a person to become a Dominance Loss Prevention Officer, they must complete the fully developed and proven in-house training program that has been researched and developed by one of Australia's best loss prevention professionals. The training program is both theory and practical based with written and research projects required to be completed by the trainee before they are able to progress onto the practical based training. The training includes aspects of the legal requirements that are unique for the loss prevention role, paper based reports, specialised tactics and techniques to recognise the act of shop theft and how to interact with law enforcement and legal proceedings.

All incidents are reported back to Dominance head office were the information is formulated and calculated for reports back to you to measure the progress of the Loss Prevention teams, support additional investigations, improve training of our Loss Prevention teams, and factual figures of the return on your investment.

At Dominance Guardian Services Loss Prevention Department, we strive on catching those who are trying to make your business fail.

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