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Door People

Door People

When you have a licensed venue, the most important area of concern relating to your liquor licence and business is your entry points. Through many years of providing services to the entertainment sector, we have recognised that the entry points are vital to ensure that you establish the types of cliental that you wish to have in your venue. It also is to ensure that you comply with all legislation that comes with owning and running a licensed venue and to ensure the people that might cause trouble stay out. For the people inside, they can enjoy themselves, relax, have fun and be safe while at your establishment.

At Dominance, we only put the most experienced and customer focused people on the front door. This is so that the people running the door to your venue can promote the establishment as a welcoming and safe venue, that is assisted by customer friendly, helpful and compassionate security staff. By using our senior or experienced guards working on the entry point to your venue, they are able to liaise with venue staff and management to help coordinate easy entry, yet not minimising on the vital work of vetting or screening persons before they enter. Our senior or experienced door staff are easily able to recognise tactics used by people to enter venues when they are not allowed; either due to intoxication, banning or under age.

Our focus for our door staff that operate on your door is to be customer friendly, excel at meeting the clients requirements for the venue, vetting and screening of all persons and maintain a safe environment that has a positive promotion for your business. Our door staff are highly skilled at using communication and negotiation to a confrontational situation to ensure that the result is a peaceful outcome.

Our priority to promote a safe and welcoming environment, will help your business succeed!

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