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Crowd Control

Crowd Control

With more than a decade at providing professional licensed crowd controllers for Melbourne’s licensed entertainment industry, Dominance Guardian Services have a dedicated and experienced staff that are able to promote your business as a safe, enjoyable and customer friendly venue. Dominance specialises in providing crowd control solutions to nightclubs, hotels & pubs, and bars across Melbourne, South-East suburbs and Peninsula areas.

Crowd Control is highly challenging and requires people that are able to adapt to any environment to meet those challenges. At Dominance, we select and use our in-house training to promote this quality out of our staff so that they can meet any challenges that may arise when promoting your business as a safe and welcoming establishment. We focus on the key points that are required for any crowd control guard, such as the ability to communicate in an effective and efficient manner to resolve disputes in a peaceful manner, rather than use force which can cause detrimental outcomes for your venue and us alike. Our crowd controllers are highly experienced from the customer service industry, military and security industry that are able to use there skills to resolve things in the correct manner.

Dominance is keenly aware of the generalised public notation of crowd controllers or "bouncers" and we strive as an industry leader to correct the public perception that crowd controllers or "bouncers" are heavy handed thugs abusing their privilages. Dominance Guardian Services take it's role of providing crowd control or security services seriously and strive on ensuring that its guards provide top level customer service, promote a safe and friendly environment and aim to resolve every situation or dispute in a peaceful manner. This advertises your establishment as a enjoyable and safe place and it ensures that our staff, your staff and the public are safe.

Our staff at Dominance are a highly professional, presentable and effective in their ability to meet your demands.


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